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Meg Grimm with a spinning wheel

About Meg Grimm

     Hi! I’m Meg Grimm. I’m an evangelical Christian, multi-genre author and independent historical researcher. I write and publish resources to help women live and raise their families in joy and wonder. My books currently include studies and other nonfiction works from a biblical perspective, as well as daily organizers for a faith-focused lifestyle. I also create Bible wonder stories and lesson activities for children ages 4-5th grade. Much more is also on the way, from children's books to recipe books!

     When I first started publishing books of mine, I had intended to begin with Christian fiction and a fairy tale focus. But God unfolded a different direction before bringing things full circle.

     To my own surprise, the first book I published in 2020 was The Christian Herb Gardener’s Handbook, a beginner’s guide for planting and using herbs with faith-based wisdom. Following a similar theme, I next published two research study books on biblical wisdom for healthcare: Medicine of the Bible, and Good Health According to the Bible. All of my research articles on what the Bible reveals about health and beauty are found at Castle Gardens Hope & Soap Company.


      In the meantime, I believe God was teaching me to establish the difference between magic and wonder in all my writing. It is not enchantment that brings true adventure and happy endings, but the breaking of it. I have used this knowledge and wisdom to expand upon my original idea. To me, the underlying theme of all my writing is discovering true, fairy tale life in our modern world.

     I have always been captivated by fairy tales, but even more so as a Christian. For example, I am fascinated with the aspect of the biblical narrative of God establishing His kingdom. I also love finding parallels of biblical truth to fairy tales. And going even a step further as a historian, I have a passionate interest in both old folk stories and in restoring knowledge for self-sufficiency. So, as one who now separates magic from wonder, I enjoy uncovering spiritually deceptive features or false information in folk beliefs, past and present, so that danger can be eliminated. To me, the highest definition of fairy tale life is a life freed from the traps of veiled occult magical practices and other deceptions, in order to live in wonderment of Jesus and worthy of His coming Kingdom. 

     In 2023, I published On Demons, an essay on discerning and dealing with spiritual warfare. I wanted to provide a thorough tool for testing any spiritual deceptions, not just practices in alternative medicine.

    Also in 2023, I began a new endeavor to publish Bible lesson material known as Wonder and Do. My first child had been born two years earlier. As a mother, many of the writing ideas of my heart began to reflect sharing the wonder of God with children, too.

     At the end of 2023, I also designed and published The Pink Books, a series of organizers and planners to help women like me stay on track with their spiritual goals.

     All the books that I have published explore topics, issues or lifestyle goals that I myself have once deeply desired to grasp. The same for any blog post that I write. The purpose of my blog on this author site is to provide free, sharable information to help others. I know that many other women have a heart for similar interests as mine, such as natural remedies and cottagecore lifestyle. But we want to embrace those things with faith-based wisdom. Don’t miss new posts, so you will learn to live in wonder along this journey, too! Subscribe.

     When I'm not spending time with my husband Max and our son Ari, I am writing, researching, or dreaming up the next project or adventure. We reside in Ohiopyle, Pennsylvania, where we are remodeling a little house in the woods.

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