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A Weird Aunt's Demon Book: Here's an Actually Helpful Guide to Spiritual Warfare in the Bible

On Demons Book Cover

OVER A DECADE AGO, the pilot episode for the fantasy drama series Grimm aired on NBC. In the episode, an unsuspecting police officer is suddenly visited by his eccentric aunt, who tells him he is one of the last Grimms - a person who can recognize supernatural creatures hiding amongst regular humans. In the aunt's trailer, the officer discovers special weapons to use on the creatures and a detailed book of instructions penned by past Grimms for future generations.

It's official: I'm a Grimm (my last name), and I'm the weird aunt!

Three years ago, I felt an urgency to write down what I had learned about demons. In my life, I had been deceived by demonic schemes and suffered because I had not discerned or resisted the spiritual enemy as the Bible commands. I now understood how easy it was to fall into spiritual traps.

When I first put the writing together, it felt too weird to make it public. I only planned to leave the information behind for my nephews. I didn’t have any kids of my own yet, but I at least wanted my hard-learned wisdom on this subject to be kept for the family.

So, I turned the essay into a print book and I gave copies to my brothers and sister.

But it didn't feel like enough. I then reluctantly offered free copies at church. Being a weird aunt was one thing, but I didn’t want other people to know I was weird!

But after some time passed and no one said anything about my weirdness, my confidence grew enough that I decided to make the book public after all. However, I never advertised it. I felt it was unrelated and separate from my other work. It might even hurt my other work if people saw I was writing about demons. I would probably take it down one day when I had more pertinent content available.

Then a few years after that, I suddenly felt a desire to treat the book like my other books. I saw the occult becoming even more rampant in our culture and realized the book was important enough that I should not be embarrassed of it.

So, I prepared to republish my weird demon book. But little did I know that God was working on unfolding something. The time had come.

While refreshing my book, I discovered it still needed some work. It was missing a key section that new experiences had taught me was essential. I worked tirelessly to add a detailed summary on how to test the spirits. And as I did, God suddenly opened my eyes to the real reason why this book exists.


Do you want to read the important section on testing the spirits? Sign up for my (infrequent!) news here to download the free PDF excerpt of my book On Demons: Discerning and Dealing with the Enemy.


During all this, I was also working on solidifying my brand for my indie publishing house and I was praying about it. As it turned out, my love-motivated essay about discerning and dealing with demons was never meant to be just extra, unrelated content. It was the point of my brand.

Since my voice in this world is my writing, my book On Demons embodied my heart for people trapped in bondages that have spiritual roots. The lessons I had learned in my life and included in this book were the very reasons why I wrote everything else that I did. My books at their core were all about dispelling demonic lies and combating them with biblical truth. This was my purpose, my Why, for writing, for publishing, for even for starting a business at all.

And God did give me my slogan. The mission of Story Spinner Press LLC is to help women Live in Wonder. How can women do this? We must first break free of the spiritual bondages that prevent it.

Every woman wants to live in freedom – freedom from the things women struggle against every day. And every daughter of the Most High King yearns to raise her family in the true joy of the Lord.

The thing is, I will never be able to write a book about every deception that prevents women from embracing the life of a true princess in God's Kingdom.

That is why it makes sense for me to have a book like On Demons that teaches others how to discern and deal with demonic lies themselves!

And even though On Demons is written by my researcher/investigative journalist self like all my other studies, it was first written as a letter to beloved family, and that voice shines through as well. So, when someone reads On Demons today, they are reading what their sister in Christ (the weird aunt of the family) wrote specifically to them, sharing her humble advice.

And here I was trying to treat On Demons like it was some weird step-child, an embarrassment I never mentioned and that I always abandoned in the back of the bookshelf. All along, On Demons was meant for the top tier, and one day, the King was going to elevate it over its book siblings, whose topics all flowed from it. (Yay for Cinderella stories!)

This October, while the occult is especially out in the open all around us, I humbly submit On Demons. This is my easy-read that explores the instructions the Lord has given in His Word for testing and resisting evil spirits. Included are many of my personal experiences, stories, notes and thoughts on various topics pertaining to demons, such as their origin, spiritual warfare and how to armor up.

Check out the book trailer here and give it a thumbs up! (Max, Ari and I managed to run into the woods to film it one day in between crazy toddler life, but Ari did photobomb all the best shots, haha.)

On Demons is a warning and guide, written with love and urgency to help you, my friend, to be set free. To live in wonder.

-With love from the weird aunt!


Meg Grimm is a Christian writer on a mission to help women replace enemy lies, counterfeits and magic with God’s truth, beauty and wonder. She has authored several books on biblical wisdom for natural healthcare.


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